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  • Sun, 07:13: Tabletop today and DDO tomorrow. Need to make time for Shadowrun Hong Kong to play the new content some time this week.
  • Sun, 07:33: Half off on Battlefront is tempting. It'd already be bought if I wasn't broke. Damn you adulthood and reality. Damn you.
  • Sun, 07:35: Uncharted, Tales of Zestiria, and Sword Art Online are also on sale too??? AHHHHH
  • Sun, 07:39: I also already have more games than I can play at the moment, so that makes passing on those even easier on top of the money.
  • Sun, 08:55: RT @CharlotteGore: On Netflix now: "Aliens on the moon: The truth exposed". It's an hour and 22 minutes long. Reckon I could do it in a Vin…
  • Sun, 09:30: RT @OverworldTheme: Don't forget that Another Star is still half off for the Steam Lunar New Year Sale! https://t.c…
  • Sun, 09:31: RT @ClementJ64: I'm gonna reserve this screenshot for a special occasion.
  • Sun, 10:04: 3 more hours... The first day back from vacation is hell. Ugh. #ITHell
  • Sun, 10:43: RT @pourmecoffee: A day may come when I tire of waves crashing lighthouses but it is not this day! (Pascal Rossignol/Reuters, France) https…
  • Sun, 11:19: Well that's kind of horrifying....
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